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The Cuthbertson Story

In 1922, Mr Fred Cuthbertson of Greenwich, Connecticut created the “Original Christmas Tree” pattern for fine dinnerware. To appeal to the American market he designed a traditional American Christmas tree. Adorned with the traditional Star of Christmas on top and presents round the tree, with toys in keeping with the 1920’s. To complement the tree a trim of Christmas green was used to border the ware.

Mr. Cuthbertson owned the prestigious Plummers Store in New York and retailed his new “Original Christmas Tree” design exclusively in his store under the Plummers backstamp. In the beginning, the pattern was produced in Ohio. Later the pattern was made in England where it is still produced today.

The pattern was continually produced through the 1920s and 1930s with the green band. For two years during World War II, Mr. Cuthbertson introduced a similar pattern using a red band and toys to reflect the times. Both the “Original Christmas Tree” and the new red band pattern were produced in the United States. After the war, production on this new pattern was discontinued and the “Original Christmas Tree” pattern was again produced in England.

In the 1950’s Mr. Cuthbertson’s sons offered the “Original Christmas Tree” pattern through a new company they named Cuthbertson House and for wholesale to other fine stores under the name Bertson House.

In the 1970’s both names were changed to Cuthbertson Imports. Cuthbertson Imports owns the design copyrights for the pattern in England, Canada and the United States. Additionally, Cuthbertson owns the copyrights to the name “Original Christmas Tree” in all three countries.

Produced for over 92 years Cuthbertson’s Christmas Tree pattern is the original. Over the years many manufacturers have since marketed Christmas tree designs on ceramics and glassware but none, we feel, are equal in overall appeal to Cuthbertson’s “Original Christmas Tree”.

Cuthbertson also features Blue Willow, one of the most traditional English dinnerware patterns. Available as individual pieces or place settings. Another classic English style dinnerware is the traditional Quail pattern. Available in blue and brown.

Rounding out the collection is a new design with classic looks for the holidays. A delightful selection of dinnerware and serving pieces featuring the traditional holiday Turkey.

Dinnerware and Serveware are chip-resistant, and microwave & dishwasher safe. The Christmas barware is not microwave & dishwasher safe.

Cuthbertson Original Christmas Tree


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The Cuthbertson Story

Iconic dinnerware patterns designed in America and made in England by the finest potteries.
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